Hernan Arber

Entrepreneur, Team Leader, and Product Builder

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Hernan Arber is the CEO of Soundwork, Founder of Arber Tech, and Host of the Web3 Creators Podcast. He is an experienced Software team leader and strategic advisor specializing in web3, NFTs, and blockchain technologies.

Hernan builds strong teams and thriving communities. He also advises leading blockchain companies worldwide. He has built great international relationships in this space. Amongst his clients are Brock Pierce, (Helios interview in Puerto Rico, 2021) Voice.com, Niio.art, Emanate.live, Kyber Network, Equilibrium, and more.

Hernan is also a Podcast host and public speaker, providing tools and tips for builders in the Web3 space. He brings a unique and experienced insight into decentralized finance, NFTs, digital assets, tokenization, Gaming, Metaverse, and Layer-one blockchain technologies.

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Hernan is a very passionate blockchain and mobile technologist. He cares deeply for his team and works tirelessly for their success."
Brian Aznar - Web3 Technology Leader
Hernan brings to the table ingenuity, great analytical skills, development, and leadership abilities. But I believe the term to really describe Hernan would be "creativity". This is where he really shines, with brilliant ideas to make the product better, smarter, more fun, and the ability to quickly implement these changes."
Eytan David - VP R&D @ Playform
Hernan is a very dedicated, engaging engineer. He has been a great part of Thinkful's mentor network, acting as a leader and teacher to the next generation of engineers. He has gone above and beyond in all of his interactions with the company."
Nora Wessel - International Strategy @ Peacock